STCC Journey Track

Take Your Next Right Step


The STCC Journey is a strategy to help you move toward Christ-centered maturity - there is always a next right step!  We want to be a church where community is flourishing and people are personally connected to Jesus, serving and sharing Him with joy.


The STCC Journey growth track outlines some recommendations no matter what phase of spiritual growth you find yourself to help you navigate your journey to a fully-devoted life in Christ. There’s always a next right step!


You can grow and form new habits in five key areas:

  • Reading the Bible & Prayer

  • Serving and Giving

  • Doing Life Together

  • Sharing Jesus and

  • Removing Barriers

Don’t think of this as a to-do list to simply check off, but use the recommendations as a tool to help you find which opportunities will meet your needs.
But don’t stop here! Once you have taken advantage of the opportunities for growth and find yourself ready for more, pick up the next growth track brochure and keep the journey going.  Generally, most who embark on this exciting journey find themselves in one of four categories: